We Thrive On Member Satisfaction…

Good afternoon TPC-Pro-Travel members & guests! Today we have received an AMAZING e-mail from a previously skeptical member that recently joined. Many like herself, tend to think that our unmatched wholesale prices on merchandise and travel could be too good to be true. Once again, we have let our Pro-Travel department work diligently enough to completely change Denise D.’s mind.

Let’s take a look at what Denise had to say:

Good Morning Mr. Frank T

I’m glad you asked those questions, because after the presentation and we signed up, that night I was so nervous I had trouble sleeping.  So, first thing the next morning I called Customer Service.  What a pleasant surprise, I spoke with Heather and she was very helpful, she answered my many questions.  Well, I currently was looking to book a flight to Sarasota, Florida, I had found flights using the usual discounted web sites (Travelocity, Cheap Tickets etc.) and the cost was $400 + so I sent in my request and immediately got a call from Cheryl to correct a mistake I had made (very nice).  Cheryl than sent me a e-mail with the price of the flight (the times I wanted to travel) for $300 including tax!!!!  Plus with the air check the final price will be $200, now I can afford to take my golf clubs for the tournament 🙂  I then got another call to ensure the e-mail had arrived and that I fully understood the process and/or had any questions.  Wonderful, you just don’t get service like this anymore in these electronic times.   Furthermore, Cheryl stated I could call her directly if I had any questions or concerns.  She’s my new BFF.  I then sent in a request for a Golf GPS that listed for $500 and the request came back the next day with a price of $300.  Would I recommend TPC – Pro Travel?  I’ll be singing ProTravel praises from the rooftop.

Denise D.

Well it doesn’t get any better than that folks! Thank you for stopping by to read the latest feedback from TPC-Pro-Travel, we will return again next week.


We’re Happy To Serve Our Members….

We also love saving our members money while doing so! Good afternoon again from the TPC- ProTravel team. Today we have received multiple feedback messages via e-mail that we’re excited to share with you. We take great pride in helping members realize wonderful savings in each purchase they make, whether it’s travel or merchandise.

Today we are excited to hear from Russell G., Kathy W., and Holland S. We’re very grateful to have members that are so generous to give us their honest opinions. Let’s see what they had to share with us regarding their recent experiences:

Was I skeptical, you Bet. There are alot of scams out there and I haven’t been caught up in one yet and I don’t plan to. I did get what I wanted when I applied for a ticket for my son. The price was right. He has not traveled yet. The experience was as I expected. No problems.

My experience has been good so far and I would recommend it to my friends. Thank you very much.

– Russell G.

Now lets see what Kathy W. had to say:

I have been very pleased with the quick turn around on travel plans and details.  The agent was very friendly and helpful.  I was very leery when I first heard the presentation and was uncomfortable until I made my first call and reservation. I have no regrets at this time.

-Kathy W.

Last, but not least, we can look at what member Holland S. had to say:

When we signed up for the program, my husband was a little skeptical.  I was more positive.
The booking process for our van rental went well – very fast and smooth with a saving to us of over $100.

We are very pleased with the customer care service and would recommend TPC-Pro Travel to friends and family.

– Holland S.

Well there you have it everyone, we really appreciate you taking the time for coming and reading. We will return again soon with more news updates for you all. Have a great day to all members & guests.

Too Good To Be True?

Good afternoon TPC-Pro-Travel members & guests, today we have a quick update from a member David J., who thought things wouldn’t add up as promised. He definitely changed his mind after working with our Travel department and quoting a price on his desired cruise for later this year.

I thought that the program was too good to be true and that the sales person was just trying to pitch a sale.

I requested a price quote for an upcoming 3 night cruise to the Bahamas in August. I have not booked yet but I am in the process of doing so. I filled out the request form about midnight and the very next morning I received a call to inform me that I had made an error in filling out my form. After I corrected the error and resent it, I received a price quote within the hour. The best part was that the quote was for $100.00 less than the cheapest price that I had found by myself.

I think that they did an outstanding job as far as customer service…keep up the good work!

If my booking and travel experience is as pleasant as the quoting part was, I will tell people whom I know is planning to travel about TPC-ProTravel and how easy it is to book through them.

– David J.

Well there you go everybody! We hope you all enjoyed this update, and be sure to check back again next week for more great news from the team.

Good News Keeps Coming…

and we’re happy to keep sharing it with you! Today we’re excited to share a couple of our members’ satisfaction that has emerged after initial skepticism. We’re extremely proud to say that our travel department has been mentioned regularly for their outstanding service, and we hope to continue pleasing our members with great service & discounts.

Today’s response comes first from Todd R., and here’s what he had to say:

Frank, as with all presentations that require that both spouses attend the briefings, i.e., (time shares, resort opportunities) etc, skepticism was an understatement. After contacting the travel office and chatting with the agents, they did find the product I had researched and subsequently the products cost was significantly less than that I obtained through the retailer.

The opportunity to work with the agents assured me that the services were genuine. Amanda and I must have emailed one another over twenty times, and each time, the response proofed to be timely. I didn’t expect the answers to my question in real time, but, in many of the communications, the response was within minutes.

Overall, the experience was more than I expected, I’m completely satisfied with the service I received. I’ve already shared and recommended the opportunity to family and friends.

Nikki W. also recently e-mailed us, and this is what she told us:

I was skeptical at first but my son told me that this was great and now I love it also.  The customer service people are wonderful and are very willing to help you. I would definitely recommend this to anybody who wants to save money and get unbelievably amazing deals for the rest of their life.

Great job to the TPC-Pro-Travel Team this week so far, keep up the wonderful work satisfying members. We’ll be back again soon with some more updates so be sure to check back!

Continuing with the Positivity- 3/17/11

Good afternoon again visitors, we hope you’ve been enjoying the streams of good feedback that we’ve been getting in from our members. We will soon be publishing more news articles with more tips on how to save money using our program, and we will definitely be updating our blog as soon as they’re fresh off the press!

For today, we have fantastic feedback from Tracy H., and here’s what she told us:

I was absolutely skeptical about the program when I signed up initially. I called in several times within the first several days to ask many, many questions. Everyone I spoke to seemed to go out of their way to make sure I understood the answers to all the questions I asked.

My booking experience has been wonderful so far. I have not purchased the travel, but I am sure I will be making the purchase within the next few days. Amanda was very patient and attentive with all the questions and the details of several different trips I was planning at the same time.

I have already told 4 other family members and friends about the program and added them to my membership.

– Tracy H.

That’s it for today everybody, we’re so glad to have so many responses regarding our TPC-Pro-Travel program. We can’t wait for more! Have a wonderful day.

Our Travel Department Is Quite Popular…

But don’t take our word for it, we always like to let our members do the talking.  Today we have received some feedback from member Lori M., and she had a lot to say about her experience with our travel department.

At first I was skeptical at paying such a large amount up front; however, once I booked my first cruise and saw the amount of money I was able to save that reassured me that the program works.

I requested quotes for several different cruises out of different ports with different dates.  I was thrilled to see that my home town port was affordable after my discount and cruise certificate that I booked my first cruise and am thrilled for August to get here.

The booking itself was very easy, I was able to get several different quotes for different dates and ports.  Once I decided which one was the best fit for my family I picked up the phone and told the CSR which one I wanted and she told me that I would receive a confirmation email.  I do wish the turn around time for the confirmation email was quicker took a full day which I didn’t care too much for, but once I did receive the email I was able to go onto the cruise companies website and review my booking through their website which I very much liked.

The quotes didn’t take long to get back.  What I would suggest in the future is for the entire original request be sent back with the quote so that the inquirer can see exactly what they sent you.  It can get confusing after asking for many different quotes to keep them all straight.  The CSR’s were very helpful and nice to get back to you quickly.

I would recommend TPC-Pro Travel to my family and friends.

– Lori M.

We truly appreciate Lori M. taking the time to send us this e-mail, and can’t wait to hear more from more of our members soon. We’d also like to mention–with the summer approaching fast, we recommend to all our members to begin booking now so you can get the cruise that you’ve been desiring! Have a great day- we’ll return soon.

Happy Friday, March 11 2011

Hello TPC-Pro-Travel members & guests, we’re finally returning with some news updates. We would first like to bring to all our members’ attention our new articles we’ve been publishing, and will continue to publish on a weekly basis. Those 2 articles can be read @ TPC-Pro-Travel Go Green & TPC-Pro-Travel New Flooring.

As for today, we have some new feedback to share with you from two of our members. Here is what Tanya W. had to say:

We have not traveled with our merchandise yet, but will in a few weeks and look forward to our savings. Our booking experiences have been great so far. I am impressed with the staff and their quick responses and travel quotes.

Our overall experience has been fantastic and we look forward to working with them in the future. Amanda seems to be especially knowledgeable.

We would definitely recommend Pro Travel to our friends and family!

-Tanya W.

We also have a few words from Pete B. to share:

We are scheduled to travel in April.  The booking/ordering experience was fantastic!
Heather, our customer service, was awesome.  She made the travel arrangements stress-free.  She was professional, quick and upbeat.
– Pete B.


That wraps up today’s update. Thanks for stopping by, and be sure to check out our articles. Have a wonderful weekend!


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Well we have a great article for those of you thinking about renovating or remodeling your house! Please go read the article here: TPC-Pro-Travel Squidoo Article

Keep Rollin’ in the Good News…

Hello again! We have another excellent update today from another pleased member, Dacren Walker. Let’s read about how this skeptic turned believer, after joining us here at TPC-ProTravel.

I have been a member since January of 2011.  I was definitely skeptical of the program from the onset, just because the nature of the business(saving a ton of money). TPC-ProTravel was able to accomodate me in the best fashion they could.  I needed certain dates and I was able to book those dates through the dedication of the customer service manager. My booking experience was great.  The customer service manager (Heather) was more than helpful, allowing us to change our minds about times and dates, while still giving us the best deal available.  She was Great! As far as my experience with the service depeartment, I would say this organization is professional and courteous.  They care about the satisfaction of their clientel and will definitely be my first choice to turn to in my travel of the world. I would recommend TPC-ProTravel to anyone who loves to travel and loves to save money!


Thank you for visiting today, it’s always a pleasure to provide all our members & guests with these wonderful messages from our amazing members!

Fantastic News- Very Satisfied Member!

Good afternoon TPC-Pro-Travel members & guests! Today we are excited to share some thoughts from member Stacey K. She had lots of wonderful things to say about her experiences so far, so lets take a look:

I am new to this program and was very hesitant to enroll due to the initial cost.  I had previously gone to one of your main competitors presentations and did not hesitate to decline their offer and not look back.  Your program at a minimum equals theirs in merchandise as well as is so much more with the added travel discount aspect.  My choice to decline the other competitors invitation and accept yours was immediately validated.

I requested 2 price quotes the morning after I enrolled on a Friday night and you already had my information in your system!  One request was for a new car  and the other for a new refrigerator that I saw on sale at a chain retailer for Presidents Day.  The refrigerator quote was turned around to me in hours and the car quote was back to me the next day ON A HOLIDAY WEEKEND!!  I was blown away with both the speed and availability as well as the savings, both quoted about 30% less, delivered.

I am so happy with my choice and look forward to many happy years of not giving the retailers my hard-earned money any longer!!  I so appreciate this program and would recommend it without hesitation to friends and family.

Stacey K.

Wow- thanks for the awesome e-mail! We’re very glad to have members like Stacey that are excited to start saving. Thank you for visiting and stop by again soon for more news from the TPC-Pro-Travel team.