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Good afternoon TPC-Pro-Travel members & guests. We appreciate your patience, as it has been quite a while since our last update. Today’s update will feature some of our members delight with the travel department specifically, and we share their enthusiasm! Here at TPC-Pro-Travel, we strive to ensure our members get the very best possible pricing on all their travel needs, and that’s why we know so many of you are loving your members-only pricing!

Today we’ll start off with member Nina D.’s thoughtful response:

I went to the Pro-Consumer seminar with the sole intention of getting my complimentary cruise and leaving. I am a single Mom and I’m very tight with my money. After listening to the seminar I was definitely interested in joining. As it came time to sign up, I was having an internal struggle whether or not to part with the enrollment fee. I decided to go ahead and sign up due to the fact my boyfriend and I love to travel. I knew we would benefit from this membership.  I sent in a price request on three different all inclusive resorts. Within two days I received the prices for each trip. All three of them were less than what I found online. I decided on one of the resorts and I have already talked to one of the representatives on the phone to let her know I wanted to book the trip for next summer. So far the online process has been very user friendly. I spoke with a few of the representatives from Pro- Consumer and they were very friendly and helpful. I have told my family and coworkers about Pro-Consumer and have recommended they come to me when they wish to travel. I am very pleased with Pro-Consumer!

– Nina D.

Awesome, thanks again to Nina D. Now let’s take a look at a couple short & sweet responses, with the first one coming from Jennifer N.:

Love the great savings and how quickly they get back with price and travel requests! Can’t wait to plan our Seaworld trip and next year’s cruise!!!

– Jennifer N.

Let’s wrap it up now with a quick response from Jim M.:

I was very skeptical when I signed up

The travel i requested was available

Ordering was satisfactory

Overall expeience has been good

Probably would recommend

– Jim M.

There you have it, three great responses & reviews from three wonderful members. As always, you can expect more to come in the near future. Have a great week.



About tpcprotravel

Formed originally as Bay Area Consulting in 1999, TPC PRO-TRAVEL has become a major force in the "Direct Buying" industry.

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