Good afternoon to all folks visiting the official TPC- ProTravel Blog. Today we have a lengthy, but excellent testimonial from one of our long time members, John L. We’re excited to say that John’s positive experiences with our Travel/Merchandise department has led him to renew his service with TPC- ProTravel. We know that many of you will be doing the same when it comes time, and are very happy to have the opportunity to continue servicing our wonderful members. Let’s take a look at what John L. had to say in detail:

About one year ago, we signed the contract and were very skeptical about what we just did. We did talk about this for 20 minutes or so and we both agreed to give it try. The travel part was the most interesting because we do travel a lot and could see this benefiting us. We have since requested several travel items from cars, cruises and airline fares and Hotels. Almost everyone we have dealt with in booking/ordering has been very friendly. Some seem more knowledgeable than others but that is expected. We do get call backs when someone is not readily available. The merchandise we ordered was a lot cheaper than we were able to get it for. Our overall opinion after one year, is a good one. Even with the minor glitches this has been a very good move on our part. We know the people on the other side of the phone are very busy but do try hard to give good service. We have renewed. We would recommend TPC-ProTravel to all of our friends and family. In closing, we would like to take the time to mention Cheryl Richards. She has been very friendly and helpful this last year. She has returned all calls, treated us with respect and given valuable information to us for our trips. We would appreciate anything that could be done to recognize her. Thank you very much for your time in this matter. Have a great day!

John L.

Thank you for taking the time to read another one of our many testimonials. More to come soon, have a great upcoming weekend.


About tpcprotravel

Formed originally as Bay Area Consulting in 1999, TPC PRO-TRAVEL has become a major force in the "Direct Buying" industry.

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