Good Afternoon TPC-Pro-Travel members and guests! It’s about time for a new update, and we’ve got a couple exciting feedback messages we’re eager to share with you all. Before we go into those messages, we would like to remind you about our most recent article for those of you wanting to upgrade your home theater. We will be publishing more articles very soon, so be sure to check back about those for new links to them.

Today’s comments come from Cynthia S. and Shagitta M., and they were both extremely thrilled about their upcoming travel. Here’s what they had to say:

I was skeptical when I first signed up.  I was interested because I wanted to be able to take friends and family on trips at a price they could afford.  I asked a lot of questions about the company and left thinking, “Well I’ll try using my cruise certificate right away and we’ll see.”    Well, I sure did!  My travel representative was fantastic.  Because I wanted to leave within two weeks, I didn’t have a particular trip in mind.  I just wanted to go.  Amanda went above and beyond in not only finding me a last minute cruise, but in finding the one I wanted which was no longer advertised on the Internet.  She was very friendly and patient as well.  Now I am looking forward to my very first cruise!

– Cynthia S.

Good Afternoon,

I would like to say I was indeed skeptical at the beginning, but listening to the seminar and actually seeing how this club could definitely benefit me and my family’s life and lifestyle, I can remember one question Rich asked….”What do you have to lose?”  So, I went ahead and tried it!  I am currently remodeling my home, I take trips very OFTEN and if being apart of this club can save me money, then why not?  I have request some items and have not received it, but waiting patiently because I knew it could take up to 20 days for delivery.  That was mentioned in the seminar, but I did in fact get these items much less that what I would pay at the counter, so I am very excited about that.

So, to sum it up, I am very happy so far.  I currently have a hotel reservations pending but I will in deed post to the blog once that trip has been completed.  I am also excited to see what else you have to offer. 🙂

Thanks for your help TPC – Pro Travel!

-Ms. M.

Another awesome day for us here, we’re so grateful for these wonderful testimonials and reviews. We’ll be back again soon with more new updates, so please check back regularly. As always, we hope you all have a great day.


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Formed originally as Bay Area Consulting in 1999, TPC PRO-TRAVEL has become a major force in the "Direct Buying" industry.

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