But don’t take our word for it, we always like to let our members do the talking.  Today we have received some feedback from member Lori M., and she had a lot to say about her experience with our travel department.

At first I was skeptical at paying such a large amount up front; however, once I booked my first cruise and saw the amount of money I was able to save that reassured me that the program works.

I requested quotes for several different cruises out of different ports with different dates.  I was thrilled to see that my home town port was affordable after my discount and cruise certificate that I booked my first cruise and am thrilled for August to get here.

The booking itself was very easy, I was able to get several different quotes for different dates and ports.  Once I decided which one was the best fit for my family I picked up the phone and told the CSR which one I wanted and she told me that I would receive a confirmation email.  I do wish the turn around time for the confirmation email was quicker took a full day which I didn’t care too much for, but once I did receive the email I was able to go onto the cruise companies website and review my booking through their website which I very much liked.

The quotes didn’t take long to get back.  What I would suggest in the future is for the entire original request be sent back with the quote so that the inquirer can see exactly what they sent you.  It can get confusing after asking for many different quotes to keep them all straight.  The CSR’s were very helpful and nice to get back to you quickly.

I would recommend TPC-Pro Travel to my family and friends.

– Lori M.

We truly appreciate Lori M. taking the time to send us this e-mail, and can’t wait to hear more from more of our members soon. We’d also like to mention–with the summer approaching fast, we recommend to all our members to begin booking now so you can get the cruise that you’ve been desiring! Have a great day- we’ll return soon.

About tpcprotravel

Formed originally as Bay Area Consulting in 1999, TPC PRO-TRAVEL has become a major force in the "Direct Buying" industry.

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