Good afternoon everyone, we’re really excited today with a new e-mail we’ve just received. It’s amazing how much effort some of our wonderful members put into their thoughts when they e-mail us. We really appreciate you all taking the time to speak your mind.

I was definitely skeptical of a “too good to be true” program. The seminar shows some extrodinary savings. Its only after you sign up that you find out it’s all legit. So the people who walk away from it may never know how beneficial this program really is.

On one occasion we submitted a price for tires. The certain tires we have, TPC could not get because of a backorder. (They exhausted all stock tires due to the extreme weather conditions in the northeast region.) Fortunately, TPC kept their word and offered us a 20% travel voucher or 10% money back since they could not get us the tires.

The booking for our airfare and rental car was the MOST personable experiences I have ever encountered.  The travel department are attentive and very helpful. I loved the fact that I could talk to the same person when I called back with questions. If Amanda wasn’t available then I would leave a message and she would call me back rather quickly. 

My overall opinion of TPC is definitely positive. Although we have only bought airfare and rental car we have submitted several travel and merchandise quotes in which we received cheaper pricing on everything through TPC. One trip was a savings of $1500! We are excited about our future purchases through TPC. The people that work there is another reason why I like this program so much. You would never get the attentive and kind service when shopping in a store or booking a trip online.

Yes, I would recommend TPC Pro travel to my family and friends. I am in the process of that already! I share my experiences with all of them in hopes to get them on board with this program.

Thank you!!

-Rebekah M.

Well there you have it- a great response from Rebekah. We can’t wait for some more responses, we’ll be back again soon!

About tpcprotravel

Formed originally as Bay Area Consulting in 1999, TPC PRO-TRAVEL has become a major force in the "Direct Buying" industry.

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