Welcome back fellow TPC- ProTravel members! We hope you all had a magnificent holiday over the weekend. We’d like to begin this week with some new feedback that we have just received over the weekend from Ledona E. Here is what she had to say:

I have greatly enjoyed becoming a member of [TPC- ProTravel]. My trip flight thus far, has been good without delays, but the seating was a little uncomfortable. It seems SouthWestern Airlines’ seats and not well padded, but beside that, all is good.

I have purchased a couple of products which I am awaiting arrival of. I have also shared my membership benefits with family who are awaiting their books but already requesting services. So thank you. I see this membership and as gift that continues to give to my family. And I am happy to buy at wholesale prices.

Thank you for stopping by, we will continue giving updates to our members and guests throughout the week.


About tpcprotravel

Formed originally as Bay Area Consulting in 1999, TPC PRO-TRAVEL has become a major force in the "Direct Buying" industry.

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