Good afternoon TPC- ProTravel members! It’s another great day here and two new e-mails were received today from some of our wonderful members. Here’s what they had to say to us:

I recently booked a trip for a family member. This trip is very important to us because it will be the first time they have visited since we moved to South Texas. The person who helped me was very helpful. I wasn’t able to get a cheaper flight but I will be able to get a $100 refund “air check”. That is the same as a cheaper trip. Thanks for all the help! I have ordered a ceiling fan and got help from the customer service department. The fan arrived and I got a great discount. I am getting ready to order a slide in kitchen stove and know I will save about $400 by ordering through [TPC- ProTravel]. I am glad I joined!

– Rosalie B.

Yes I was skeptical at first.  I was suprised and very pleased that a real person answered the phone.
You helped me with Motel and Air travel reservations and it worked out great. I had a question about a product I was thinking about purchasing and you checked on it and got me the best price quote.

Any time I want to purchase a product, I will check with TPC first. My family will be using TPC-Pro Travel also.  Thanks.
– Carroll H.


Thanks to members like Carroll & Rosalie for taking their time to send us their thoughts on TPC- ProTravel, and thank all of you for visiting!


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