I was extremely skeptical when I signed up.  This opportunity seemed like one that was too good to be true.  Plus, there are so many organizations out there that are more than willing to scam consumers any chance they get.  In the end, we chose to go ahead and try it (obviously).  It means changing the way we shop, book travel, and comes down to changing your life around to use the program in its best capacity.  I am still working my way through the changes, attempting to understand how Global Service and TPC can really work for me.  With only being in the program for a month and still feeling my way around, I guess you could say I am still a bit skeptical but so far, the program has not let me down.

I spent my time on the phone with Cheryl who was amazing.  She looked up two separate itineraries for me while I was on the phone, did research on hotels in two separate areas in California, and called me when she could not find the quote I had found.  She stayed on the phone with me while we both researched the best possible option for my hotel stay. She even allowed me to call her back numerous times while we explored the options and while she was helping other customers.  My boyfriend also need to book his trip since we are going at different times and had a great experience with Sunshine as well.  We were both very impressed with the Travel Department and the lengths they went to in order to fulfill our needs.  My travel request changed only with flight times and my hotel stay is in my budget and close enough to the Park that I requested.

I have not traveled yet since the one I booked starts next week.  I kind of answered this question in the above answer, but I can reiterate.  My booking experience was wonderful.  Cheryl was extremely helpful and went through numerous scenarios to get me where I needed to go.  I was on the phone with her at least 4 times looking at hotels and she searched for the best flight for my needs.  I was extremely impressed with her dedication and patience.  My boyfriend who is in the program with me, had a similar experience with Sunshine, who was very helpful with his flight plan.

My overall opinion is that the travel department handles their job with professionalism and care.  They went out of their way to help with the best flight and hotel plans.  They were very patient as my needs changed to fit flight arrivals and where my hotel needed to be.  I spoke them numerous times and never got the feeling I was being painful although I think I might have been.  You have amazing people working in the travel department.

When asked whether they would refer a friend/family member about TPC- ProTravel:

Absolutely.  Even if their bookings did not benefit me through this program, there is no question in my mind.  They were very helpful and extremely flexible and patient.  I have never had a better experience booking a flight or trying to find a hotel in my life. I have been doing everything online so I would not have to deal with Travel agents again but I think that is going to change.  I was very impressed and cannot wait to book my next trip!

Thank you and Your Staff for Their Amazing Service,

– Penny B.

Great Job TPC- ProTravel Team! We thrive on making our members happy like Penny !


About tpcprotravel

Formed originally as Bay Area Consulting in 1999, TPC PRO-TRAVEL has become a major force in the "Direct Buying" industry.

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