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Good afternoon TPC-Pro-Travel members & guests. We appreciate your patience, as it has been quite a while since our last update. Today’s update will feature some of our members delight with the travel department specifically, and we share their enthusiasm! Here at TPC-Pro-Travel, we strive to ensure our members get the very best possible pricing on all their travel needs, and that’s why we know so many of you are loving your members-only pricing!

Today we’ll start off with member Nina D.’s thoughtful response:

I went to the Pro-Consumer seminar with the sole intention of getting my complimentary cruise and leaving. I am a single Mom and I’m very tight with my money. After listening to the seminar I was definitely interested in joining. As it came time to sign up, I was having an internal struggle whether or not to part with the enrollment fee. I decided to go ahead and sign up due to the fact my boyfriend and I love to travel. I knew we would benefit from this membership.  I sent in a price request on three different all inclusive resorts. Within two days I received the prices for each trip. All three of them were less than what I found online. I decided on one of the resorts and I have already talked to one of the representatives on the phone to let her know I wanted to book the trip for next summer. So far the online process has been very user friendly. I spoke with a few of the representatives from Pro- Consumer and they were very friendly and helpful. I have told my family and coworkers about Pro-Consumer and have recommended they come to me when they wish to travel. I am very pleased with Pro-Consumer!

– Nina D.

Awesome, thanks again to Nina D. Now let’s take a look at a couple short & sweet responses, with the first one coming from Jennifer N.:

Love the great savings and how quickly they get back with price and travel requests! Can’t wait to plan our Seaworld trip and next year’s cruise!!!

– Jennifer N.

Let’s wrap it up now with a quick response from Jim M.:

I was very skeptical when I signed up

The travel i requested was available

Ordering was satisfactory

Overall expeience has been good

Probably would recommend

– Jim M.

There you have it, three great responses & reviews from three wonderful members. As always, you can expect more to come in the near future. Have a great week.



Don’t Forget to Tell Your Friends…

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They’ll definitely want the same deals once they see you leaving from the nearest port on an amazing cruise! Good afternoon and welcome back to all TPC-Pro-Travel members & guests. It’s the first day of September, and there’s no better way to start this month off than with some fresh testimonials from our great members. Today we have 3 short & sweet messages from members Marylin & George P., Rhonda, and Wes M. Two of these members were so excited about the program, that they even decided to refer their friends, and we’re very grateful. Let’s first take a look at what Marylin & George had to say:

HEY Rob and company, Thank you all for your hard and professional work to complete our travel plans to the Caribbean. You have been super with your kindness, understanding, and patience.

Best Wishes,

Marylin & George

Very short & to the point, we love it! Let’s continue with Rhonda:

Heard about TPC-Pro-Travel through a family friend after her going on and on about a vacation she had just taken. I couldn’t believe the price she got for a 7 day cruise and thought she was pulling my leg, until I watched her leave from the dock off on what was to surely be a fabulous vacation.  I was sold!!! I sing the praises of TPC-Pro-Travel and can’t wait to take my first vacation with you.

We can’t wait for Rhonda to enjoy the same savings and trip. Now let’s finish off with Wes M.’s response:

Thus far we are very pleased with all of your offerings and services. We have ordered merchandize, lodging and a cruise, all seems to be going exceptionally well, however, this memo is to recommend a very close friend. She has approved our recommendation and should be receptive to your organizations recruitment. Please contact Mrs. Doris S (Phone Number removed for privacy). If recruiting directly I do recommend you mention as recommended by Fran and Wes, she will know then exactly what the recruitment is about.

Wes M.

That completes our entry for today. We’re very excited to see that our company is echoing in such a positive way. Until next time, we hope you all have a wonderful day & upcoming weekend.

Perpetual Satisfaction Means You’ll Want to Renew…

Good afternoon to all folks visiting the official TPC- ProTravel Blog. Today we have a lengthy, but excellent testimonial from one of our long time members, John L. We’re excited to say that John’s positive experiences with our Travel/Merchandise department has led him to renew his service with TPC- ProTravel. We know that many of you will be doing the same when it comes time, and are very happy to have the opportunity to continue servicing our wonderful members. Let’s take a look at what John L. had to say in detail:

About one year ago, we signed the contract and were very skeptical about what we just did. We did talk about this for 20 minutes or so and we both agreed to give it try. The travel part was the most interesting because we do travel a lot and could see this benefiting us. We have since requested several travel items from cars, cruises and airline fares and Hotels. Almost everyone we have dealt with in booking/ordering has been very friendly. Some seem more knowledgeable than others but that is expected. We do get call backs when someone is not readily available. The merchandise we ordered was a lot cheaper than we were able to get it for. Our overall opinion after one year, is a good one. Even with the minor glitches this has been a very good move on our part. We know the people on the other side of the phone are very busy but do try hard to give good service. We have renewed. We would recommend TPC-ProTravel to all of our friends and family. In closing, we would like to take the time to mention Cheryl Richards. She has been very friendly and helpful this last year. She has returned all calls, treated us with respect and given valuable information to us for our trips. We would appreciate anything that could be done to recognize her. Thank you very much for your time in this matter. Have a great day!

John L.

Thank you for taking the time to read another one of our many testimonials. More to come soon, have a great upcoming weekend.

Home Improvement? Call Us Now…


You’ll be just as glad as members Erin L. & Gail J. were when they gave us a ring for their upcoming home improvement. Not only were they able to get huge savings and speedy service, but also the benefit of more efficient appliances to cut costs on electrical bills!

Before moving into those details, it is important for us to note that we’ve got another new Video Testimonial for you to view, so be sure to check it out. Here is a direct link to the video on YouTube: TPC-ProTravel Video Review

Back to the Home Improvement– Erin was delighted to tell us about her much needed replacement units for air conditioning, while Gail let us know how excellent her service was through our contractors with her new double wall oven and cook-top. Let’s take a detailed look at what they had to say:

Hello Frank,

Thank you for the email, we would be glad to answer a few questions for you.

Did they have the product and/or service you requested?

Yes, they had the exact products we requested

What home improvement are you planning on performing?

Replacing both air conditioning units

If you have received your merchandise/service, what was your opinion of the product/service? If you haven’t received your merchandise/service yet, how was your ordering experience?

Both units have been installed and are working very well.  Clearly these units are more efficient that what we had before and should save us a fair amount on our utility bills.  When I called to order I was told I would receive a price within the next couple of days.  I explained that the situation was urgent and I received a phone call later that day with a price and somebody in place to install if we were ready.  The installer came the next day to install.

Were you satisfied with the savings on your home improvement?

Yes, we saved over a thousand dollars from the cheapest estimate.
What was your overall opinion of your experience with the service department?

They clearly understood our urgency and acted quickly to accommodate.  They called back 2 days later to see how the install went and to make sure we were satisfied.

Would you recommend TPC- ProTravel to your friends or family?

As it became necessary, I absolutely would recommend it.

-Erin L.

We’re thrilled that Erin had such a great experience with her service, now lets see what Gail J. had to say about her experience:

I recently purchased a double wall oven and cook top. I was amazed with the serive and the speedy delivery. The quote came back in less than a day. The merchandise was from Sears and they called me within a day or so to schedule delivery. I also recently purchased some shower doors for a remodel of my bathroom. The service was great.

Have a great day … Gail

Excellent way to end the week with such great news. Thanks to our awesome members Gail & Erin for providing us with their testimonials. We hope you all have a great weekend, stop by again soon.

Member Satisfaction Is Number One!

Good afternoon TPC-Pro-Travel members & guests. It’s been a long time since our last update and we’ve got some great updates to share with you all. First, we have a new video testimonial that we’ve posted in our Video Testimonial section. Thanks to our wonderful members, Beverly & Arley B., we can provide everyone with their thoughts/review on the program so far.

Now we will move on to share a recent e-mail we received from member William M. As stated by William, he has worked with customer service for approximately 21 years. His great praise is proof that if we can satisfy him, then who can’t be satisfied?! Here’s what he had to say:

Thank you for your email.

My wife and I signed up for services on 2 July at a meeting with TPC-Pro-Travel in Arlington, TX.

1.       I was very skeptical about the type of service I would receive from TPC because of other “Travel Clubs” that we joined in the past. We have been very disappointed in the service received by those other travel clubs. Issues from date of travel not available, to discount of less than $5.00, to not qualifying for services, have left us with a feeling that there was no travel company that would provide quality customer service or that could be trusted. I have a background in Customer Service by working in the Information Technology industry over the past 21 years.

2.       I have requested travel quotes from TPC-Pro-Travel and was very pleased to receive feedback within a 24 hour period. On one occasion, I did not provide enough information so the agent could not provide me with a quote. On the other request, the agent was able to provide me with a quote plus recommend other carriers that actually saved me an additional $600. This was such a tremendous surprise to find a company that really believes in “Customer Satisfaction”. I even called the “Customer Service” number to verify that the dollar amount quoted included the airfare and cruise. I was impressed with the agent’s professionalism.

3.       Because several friends and family members, there have been at least 13 individuals, have expressed a desire to travel with us on a Mediterranean Cruise, we have postponed our travel to a date later this year to accommodate those individuals. I believe that this will be a pleasant experience.

4.       I would have to say that my interaction with the TPC-Pro-Travel staff has been the best customer service experience of my life. I fully expect future dealing with the travel department to be as equal and look forward to many transactions.

5.       Would I recommend TPC-Pro-Travel to my friends and family? Absolutely!!! With the number of individuals that have expressed the desire to travel with us, we have already given two membership in TPC-Pro-Travel to our children and have strongly recommended memberships to our closest friends.

William M.

As always, thank you for taking the time to stop by. We will do our best to update you regularly with the newest testimonials and news. Stop by again soon.

Cross Your Other Agents Off The List…

Good morning TPC-ProTravel members and guests! It’s been a long break since our last update, so we’re definitely going to make this update worth your while. Today we have a couple updates coming from Jim W. & Gary T., and both have given us some exciting testimonial about their recent experiences. Those of you who like to travel might as well cross your other agents off the list, just like Jim W. did when he decided to book through us over his other travel agent. Let’s take a look at what Jim’s thoughts were, along with the savings Gary T. had through our home improvement department.

Of course, I’m skeptical of anything that seems too good to be true. However,
having been in the retail field, I know the markups that are charged to the end

I was looking for a specific cruise, for which I had already made a refundable
deposit. Not only were they able to get me the same cruise, but it was
significantly cheaper. I got my refund back from the other agent, and booked
through Global Service/TPC-Pro-Tavel.

I have not yet taken this cruise, but the experience has been very nice and
personal. We are still finalizing the details of everything, but they have been able
to do everything I’ve asked,

Amanda has been working with me, and is a pleasure. She has been very
patient, as I have asked a lot of questions and made many requests. My opinion
is that the experience thus far, has been as good or better than any other travel
agent that I’ve worked with.

When asked about whether he would recommend TPC-ProTravel he responded:

I have already done so. We are traveling with some friends who are also
included in this booking, and I have already recommended it to my sons. They
have already been added to my family list.

Now let’s take a look at what member Gary T. had to say regarding his experience with the Home Improvement department:

Frank, working with Victor to secure the best deal possible on a new Air Conditioning unit for my house worked out great.  I was able to get exactly the brand and unit I wanted at a savings of about $1500.00 over what I had been quoted from my previous A/C company.  The company you chose to do the install was great- very friendly and professional, and actually showing up when they said they would!  Coordination and followup to make sure everything went well was very much appreciated. I will absolutely recommend this buying experience to my friends.

Gary T.

Well that does it for this update. Please make sure to stop by regularly to read more great updates from our awesome members. We love saving you all money! Have a great day!

From Vacations to Golf Clubs…

TPC-Pro-Travel has it all! Hello and welcome back to the official blog of TPC-Pro-Travel. We’re finally back with some great new updates that we have been eager to get published and share with all of you. As the title indicates, today’s comments come from a couple of our highly valued members who managed to save not only on airfare and cruises, but also on some golf clubs. Here at TPC/Pro-Travel, the possibilities of savings have no bounds.

Now for the member feedback. Let’s take a look first at what Becky G. had to say:

My husband and I went to the presentation held in Myrtle Beach several weeks ago.  We were very impressed at the opportunities presented to us and purchased a package.  I really didn’t think I’d start immediately using it but I had been pricing outdoor furniture so thought I’d give our investment a shot.  The set I had priced from our local retailer was not available through TPC/Pro-Travel but the company offered me a cash rebate and travel credit of equal value if I send in my receipt for the local purchase.  I’m waiting on the furniture to arrive so I can submit the receipt.  You just can’t beat that!  Then, our little granddaughter needed new golf clubs so I went on line to get a price on clubs for her.  It was so easy and I immediately heard back from TPC/Pro-Travel as to the price I could get the clubs for using my membership.  It saved me $76.00 just on that one purchase!

– Becky G.

Now lets look at what Chris & Kathleen M. had to say:

With regard to your subject email, following are some answers to questions you proposed:

When we signed up for Global Services/TPC-Pro-Travel we wondered if they could better the discounted prices we were already offered from some travel sources.  To test the prices, we made a price request for a 20-day cruise out of Rome, Italy which was offered by the cruise company at a pretty good discount.  Your price came back at $900 less than the best price we were able to get elsewhere.

The travel department was very informative and accommodating, and we were pleased with the result.

We have our family on your program, but they haven’t as yet had a chance to use it, and unfortunately our daughter purchased a new car just a week before we joined or I’m sure she could have saved on the purchase.

Charles & Kathleen M.

That wraps it up for this update. Thank you for continually stopping by our blog to check out our news. Expect to see some new videos soon, and more testimonials even sooner.

Last Minute Cruise? No Problem @ TPC-Pro-Travel

Good Afternoon TPC-Pro-Travel members and guests! It’s about time for a new update, and we’ve got a couple exciting feedback messages we’re eager to share with you all. Before we go into those messages, we would like to remind you about our most recent article for those of you wanting to upgrade your home theater. We will be publishing more articles very soon, so be sure to check back about those for new links to them.

Today’s comments come from Cynthia S. and Shagitta M., and they were both extremely thrilled about their upcoming travel. Here’s what they had to say:

I was skeptical when I first signed up.  I was interested because I wanted to be able to take friends and family on trips at a price they could afford.  I asked a lot of questions about the company and left thinking, “Well I’ll try using my cruise certificate right away and we’ll see.”    Well, I sure did!  My travel representative was fantastic.  Because I wanted to leave within two weeks, I didn’t have a particular trip in mind.  I just wanted to go.  Amanda went above and beyond in not only finding me a last minute cruise, but in finding the one I wanted which was no longer advertised on the Internet.  She was very friendly and patient as well.  Now I am looking forward to my very first cruise!

– Cynthia S.

Good Afternoon,

I would like to say I was indeed skeptical at the beginning, but listening to the seminar and actually seeing how this club could definitely benefit me and my family’s life and lifestyle, I can remember one question Rich asked….”What do you have to lose?”  So, I went ahead and tried it!  I am currently remodeling my home, I take trips very OFTEN and if being apart of this club can save me money, then why not?  I have request some items and have not received it, but waiting patiently because I knew it could take up to 20 days for delivery.  That was mentioned in the seminar, but I did in fact get these items much less that what I would pay at the counter, so I am very excited about that.

So, to sum it up, I am very happy so far.  I currently have a hotel reservations pending but I will in deed post to the blog once that trip has been completed.  I am also excited to see what else you have to offer. 🙂

Thanks for your help TPC – Pro Travel!

-Ms. M.

Another awesome day for us here, we’re so grateful for these wonderful testimonials and reviews. We’ll be back again soon with more new updates, so please check back regularly. As always, we hope you all have a great day.

Our Members Love Travel Savings

Good afternoon TPC-Pro-Travel members & guests, we’re finally back again with some new updates to share. First off, we know some of our members are interested in upgrading their home theater systems, so we decided to write a new Home Theater Article in order to offer some tips regarding choosing an appropriate home theater system for those that are interested. We also have a great feedback update today from Pat W., who was extremely excited about their huge savings on a cruise they planned. Let’s see what they had to say.

My husband and I have just recently purchased the TPC-Pro-Travel package.  We attended a presentation regarding the package/program and were very excited.  We were however a bit skeptical about whether the logistics were real (if the savings were truly there).  I decided to begin planning a couple of vacation schedules for my husband and myself.  They were right.  We were looking into a cruise, to join some friends of ours who already have booked a cruise vacation.  We saved over $900 from the front, just by usage of the ‘up to $1000 cruise certificate’ – awesome!!!  In addition, I had plans initially to go to San Marcos, TX and wanted to stay at the Embassy Suites.  There was a savings there too, unfortunately our plans were changed.  We were impressed, but mostly felt comfortable and more at peace that we didn’t get scammed with our purchase.  Thanks for your honesty during the presentation.

Pat W.

That concludes our update for today, we hope you enjoyed it. We are extremely thrilled with how much money we could save for Pat W., along with how much we do for our other members daily. Finally, we hope you all will take the time to check out our article previously mentioned, as we think it could benefit you. Have a great day, and we will be back again soon.

Cheap Cruises- What TPC-Pro-Travel Does Best!

Good afternoon TPC-Pro-Travel members & guests. It’s been a little while since our last post, so we want to make sure to keep you all updated. If you haven’t noticed already, we’ve changed our blog’s theme and hope you enjoy it. Also worth noting, we’ve added a tab for video testimonials. We’ve already uploaded our first video, so be sure to check it out!

Today we have an awesome update from member Janet B., and her testimonial is extremely important since she used to be a travel agent herself! Let’s take a look at what she had to share:

Was I skeptical when I was introduced to the program?  Absolutely, I was VERY skeptical…in fact, I told my fiance that I doubted seriously that the price we had gotten on the honeymoon cruise that I had already booked through another travel agency could be beaten by more than a few dollars…after all, I had been a travel agent for 14 years here in Houston, and had booked this particular cruise with plenty of information.  Boy was I wrong…they beat my price by about $1400.00 dollars!

Did they have the produce I requested?   Yes, in a matter of a 5 minutes or less, they came back with a price on the EXACT cruise that we had requested.  How was my booking/ordering experience?  I called the travel agency, booked the cruise through a very courteous and helpful agent, and got a couple of questions answered with my first call.  Again, having been a travel agent, this was very important and impressive to me.

Would I recommend TPC-Pro Travel to my friends and family?  Of Course I would (and already have)…this was a very pleasant experience.

Janet B.

We’re thrilled to get the approval from what could have been potentially our harshest critic! Big thanks to Janet for sharing with us. We will be back again next week with more updates. Have a great weekend.